"Chelonia" is a scientific term referring to the category in which turtles are placed in the animal kingdom. As you probably know, turtles are dinosaur-like reptiles that are almost entirely encased in shells, which sometimes inhibit quick movement but also offer solid protection from a number of threats. Because turtles move quite slowly and live many long years, they are often associated with ideas of persistence, longevity, peace, and steadfastness.

Chelonia Ceramics borrows the name of these creatures to represent the philosophy of its wares: the pots are hard vessels (like many turtle shells) handmade of natural materials with care and time. They are intended to serve everyday life in the the home, and can last for years on end if mindfully used. The forms are designed to be a pleasure to use and to see--- to enhance the space they occupy, rather than cluttering it. The surface designs and drawings give the pots a story and personality. The objects themselves--- teapots, vases, cups, bowls, keepsake boxes--- have simple, timeless functions.

Chelonia Ceramics live alongside you, and bring a touch of joy to the everyday.